Local Pick-up

We love our options in MN. Decisions, well that's another story.

Local Pick Up Instructions

We’ve made it easy for those close to White Bear Lake to pick-up boxes and save on freight.    

White Bear Makerspace was excited to be the official pick-up location.  They are an amazing business in our community.  They are a DIY Workshop.  Whatever you want to build, you can do it there.  


5966 Highway 61 N
White Bear Lake, MN 55110


Fall Hours:

M-F:  9 am – 9 pm
Sat: 9 am – 4 pm
Sun: 9 am – 5 pm

Boxes are currently ready for pick-up at anytime.  We are doing pick-up by appointment.  So, once you place your order, within 24 hours you will be emailed to schedule a pick-up.  Super Simple! 

Pick-up is curbside and contact free.  
If you would like more details about White Bear Makerspace this is their website…  https://whitebearmakerspace.com

The Uff Da Box is the perfect gift.  Whether you are from Minnesota or surrounding states, love for local culture is everywhere.  The Uff Da spirit is friendly and welcoming. 

The box concept was born in White Bear Lake Minnesota.  As a result many items are found in close proximity to the hometown.  However, we want the box to be appealing to people across Minnesota and the country.  Every item in the box can be enjoyed regardless of where you hail from.  

A major source of inspiration was to draw attention to local businesses.  Big name brands have a time and place, but so do the small businesses.  However, those businesses often don’t have the budget or time to gain the attention of the masses.  The Uff Da Box gives these great local businesses another place to be seen, tried, and liked.  

We consider this one of the best Minnesota gift giving experiences.  We have award winning products from proud business owners.  It has a wonderful place in main holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving.  Beyond that it can always make for a great birthday gift, house warming present, party gift, anniversary gift, and so many more.  It can also be used as a business gift.  With many businesses seeking unique ways to thank clients at traditional times, nothing says unique like and Uff Da Box.  Additionally it is a great gift option for employers to give employees, and co-workers to give each other.  Just think of how great it would be to receive an Uff Da Box as a Secret Santa gift.

It’s pretty trendy to be a fan of the midwest and have a Minnesota identity.  Many brands are emerging using words like Sota and doing a great job of promoting our great state.  We would like to explore all types of options for the box.  They would include clothing, hats, gloves, headwear, apparel, bottle openers, key chains, candles, patches, cookie cutters, holiday ornaments, and many other options.  

There is so much potential and fun to have with the concept. You betcha we’ll continue to focus on reflecting the pride of our great state and this region of the country.